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CAFESCA can offer you a wide variety of coffee products in different presentations, giving a solution to your need.


If you want to know more about all the options that we have for you, in the next section you'll find more information about each of our options and select the best for you.

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Type of product - Freeze-dried coffee

Freeze Dried coffee Freeze Dried consists of removing the water by sublimation (solid-steam), using an ultra-freezing, which allows the coffee to retain its organoleptic properties.

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Type of product - Functional freeze-dried coffee

Functional freeze-dried coffee Coffee naturally provides various health benefits, our functional coffees contain additional ingredients so that you have greater benefits for your health while preserving the delicious flavor of this leach.

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Type of product - Freeze-dried cold brew

Freeze-dried cold brew It is a coffee drink obtained through a process of extraction at mild temperature, so we get a more aromatic, intense drink, with less acidity and more flavor of roasted coffee.

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Type of product - Coffee oil

Coffee oil Coming from the extrusion and filtration of roasted coffee beans, preserving their characteristic flavor, used for different applications.

Type of product - Coffee concentrated extract

Coffee concentrated extract Obtained after extraction of soluble solids from roasted coffee. It can be used as a raw material for drinks, essences, sweets, liqueurs, pastries.

Type of product - Roasted coffee

Roasted coffee We offer different roasting curves and diverse variety of raw materials to achieve the perfect flavor in your drink.

Coffee variety - Arabica

Arabica It is a variety of coffee with a fruity aroma characteristic accompanied by sweet and delicate notes with predominant acidity and lower caffeine content.

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Coffee variety - Robusta

Robusta It is a kind of coffee with intense aroma, strong, enveloping note soft caramel and roasted cereal; dominant body, with slight bitterness and subtle acidity.

Coffee variety - Blend

Blend The best way to get the perfect balance in a cup.

Type of process - Regular

Regular Our traditional coffee that fills you with energy when you wake up every day for the caffeine content.

Type of process - Decaf mw

Decaf mw Decaffeinated by methods that only use water, the best way to enjoy your coffee without caffeine while preserving the sensory profile of your drink.

Type of process - Decaf mc

Decaf mc It's a caffeine extraction method that uses chemical solvents..

We promote mexican coffee but we can offer from different origins around the world.

Coffee origin - Mexico


Coffee origin - El Salvador

El Salvador

Coffee origin - Vietnam


Coffee origin - Colombia


Coffee origin - Uganda


Coffee origin - Guatemala


Coffee origin - Ecuador


Coffee origin - Honduras


Coffee origin - Brasil


Coffee origin - Peru


Coffee origin - Different country


Highlight the properties of coffee towards the desired qualities in the quality of the flavor.

Roasting profile - Light Roast

Light Roast We get a clean cup with softer body and light acidity.

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Roasting profile - Medium Roast

Medium Roast The best balance between acidity, sweetness, bitterness and aroma.

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Roasting profile - Dark Roast

Dark Roast A more intese cup with greater bitter and more texture, chocolatey notes and low acidity.

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Certified product - Conventional


Certified product - Fairtrade

FAIRTRADE Product that meets the standards of the fair trade.

Certified product - Rainforest Alliance Coffee Certified

RAINFOREST ALLIANCE Product grown under standards that promote collective action for people and nature.

Certified product - Kosher

KOSHER Foods made according to Jewish standards.

Certified product - Halal Guarantee

HALAL Product permissible by Islamic laws.

Certified product - Organic

ORGANIC Pesticide-free products.

Retail packages - Sticks


Retail packages - Bags


Retail packages - Jars


In bulk:
Bulk packages - 25kg boxes

25kg boxes

Bulk packages - 300k superbags

300kg superbags

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