Freeze-dried Coffee


Freeze-dried coffee is a soluble product obtained through a sophisticated process called lyophilization, which is where its name derives from.

Its main characteristic is that the high-tech process of lyophilization retains more aromas and flavors than the other soluble coffee processes.


It combines the characteristics of a good roasted and ground coffee with the practicality of an instant drink.

High solubility freeze-dried coffee

High solubility

Aromatic and balanced freeze-dried coffee

Aromatic and balanced

High performance freeze-dried coffee

High performance

Coffee-base beverages freeze-dried coffee

Ideal for mixing and obtaining coffee-based beverages

Long service life freeze-dried coffee

Long service life while preserving the quality


Mexico is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of coffee. Chiapas is the state that contributes the largest amount of production in the country and also occupies one of the first places in the production of certified coffee in the world.

The coffee of Mexico, and particularly of Chiapas, enjoys great reputation in the coffee world, being considered by many as one of the best. In CAFESCA, we take advantage of this great opportunity to produce freeze-dried coffee of excellent quality, preserving the characteristics of the raw material we use and giving the cup a profile with very good aroma and flavor.


In CAFESCA we have the most modern technology for freeze-drying. We maintain a strict control and monitoring of all stages of the process, thus guaranteeing the quality of our production.

Roasting +

By action of the roasting process the aromas, color and soluble solids of coffee are developed.

Milling +

Reducing the size of roasted grains facilitates the extraction of soluble solids in the next stage.

Extraction +

Once the grains have the right particle size, they reach the extraction battery, where the closed containers come into contact with water at a certain pressure and temperature; this allows to obtain the soluble solids.

Centrifugation +

The extract is centrifuged to remove any insoluble solids that may exist in the product.

Concentration +

The extract is concentrated in a three-stage system that reduces the water content. This increases the proportion of soluble solids.

Foaming +

The concentrated extract molecules are injected with dry air to increase their size and facilitate heat exchange in the next process.

Freezing +

The foamed extract in liquid phase is poured into a band that moves within a large cold room. At the end of the tour the extract forms a solid mass containing ice and coffee.

Granulation +

Inside the cold room, the grinding transforms the extract paste into small granules whose size will be preserved until the final product.

Freeze-drying +

The granulated product is loaded into trays that are individually introduced into the freeze-dried tunnel, where the water content is sublimated.

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