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In CAFESCA we have great advantages that allow us to be the best option to develop different kinds of business in the coffee industry.

We identify opportunities to share and realize them. Whether through the development of private brands, in the institutional sector or in special projects, the idea is to have total flexibility to always go side by side with our clients.

Spoon with freeze-dried coffee


We produce more than 4,000 tons a year (160 million cups of coffee)

We produce over 160 million cups of coffee

Located in a Free Trade Zone

Free Trade Zone

With more than 9 years of experience

With more than 9 years of experience on the coffee industry

We handle different packaging options

Different packaging options for coffee

We produce coffee from different origins

We produce coffee from different origins

We have more than 10 certificates

We have more than 10 certificates for coffee

Sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility


We are a company specializing in the production of freeze-dried products, committed to:Read more quality and safety of our products;
environmental protection and pollution prevention;
employee health and safety;
implement, maintain and continue to improve the performance and efficiency of equipment or systems to obtain the least waste and energy consumption;
the satisfaction of our customers and shareholders;
strengthening our skills; and
harmonious coexistence with stakeholders.

We will achieve our commitments through:Read more compliance with legal and other applicable requirements;
the establishment of a comprehensive management system;
the continuous improvement of our performance;
the acquisition of energy efficient products and services and design with better energy performance;
the prevention of injuries and illnesses of our collaborators;
ensuring the availability of necessary resources and information to achieve established goals and objectives;
eliminate hazards and reduce risks for OSH;
commitment to consultation and the participation of the workers, and of the workers' representatives.


First factory of freeze-dried coffee

FIRST FACTORY OF FREEZE-DRIED COFFEE Coffee is one of the most important agricultural products in Mexico. Chiapas is the State that provides the largest production, that is why coffee growing has historically enjoyed a solid cultivation platform, which was identified and used with the intention of giving greater added value to coffee through a new industrialization alternative introduced by CAFESCA, the first freeze-dried coffee factory built in Mexico and Central America.

WHY CHIAPAS? We chose Chiapas because it is the main producer of coffee in Mexico and one of the leading in the world in terms of certified coffee. Chiapas has the largest number of indigenous producers and peasants; it is the border with Guatemala, which is the gateway to the important coffee universe of Central America.

Chiapas is the main producer of coffee in Mexico
CAFESCA, grupo ECOM subsidiary

CAFESCA logo - Freeze-dried coffee factory All these factors were analyzed and integrated by the ECOM group, through its subsidiary in Mexico, AMSA, to attract the interest of investors and make this ambitious project a reality.

grupo ECOM logo This is how CAFESCA was formalized becoming the first freeze-dried coffee plant in the country. Since then our plant has been consolidating and improving the administrative, commercial and operational platform, offering high quality standards and working hard to become a world leader in the market for freeze-dried certified coffees.

CAFESCA, first freeze-dried coffee plant
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grupo ECOM logo
Ecom Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd

Ecom Agroindustrial Corp. ltd is a global leader in primary product trade and sustainable distribution chain management. As a comprehensive company since its inception, operating in more than 40 of the world's leading producing countries, ECOM focuses primarily on coffee, cotton and cocoa, as well as participating in other select markets for agricultural products.

ECOM is one of the top two coffee merchants, the largest coffee processor since producer in the world and is among the top 4 cotton and cocoa merchants, making ECOM a top-tier participant in each of its business lines.

With more than 150 years of experience in the market, ECOM Agroindustrial corp. is committed to responsible leadership within the soft raw materials industry. Our global operations are based on their extensive knowledge and experience in the improvement of the distribution chain, risk management and customer-focused distribution, to create a valuable and profitable environment for our suppliers, customers, shareholders and employees.


Our commitment is to always offer products made with high quality standards in a place with social and environmental security.

We seek total adherence to the applicable legal frameworks to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and all those involved in the value chain.

We work on the continuous improvement of our processes taking advantage and responsibly taking care of resources to position ourselves as leaders in the industry, offering innovation and differentiation in the market.

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One of CAFESCA top allies

AMSA Café is a company specialized with the production of green coffee, with high quality and manufacturing standards.


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