Code of ethics and conduct

Message from our Directors:

A fundamental factor in the success of CAFESCA has been living with our values and principles, being a company integrity and always have a team of collaborators committed to the company and the organizational culture. Our values and traditions continue to be the basis on which our actions and processes are built. strong>.

We all have the obligation to act based on this Code of Ethics and Conduct not only to support the legal frameworks of our country , but to guarantee the application of the highest standards and principles of corporate social responsibility.

We publicly notify our commitments related to human rights in a consistent manner based on our code of ethics and conduct by referring to the Guidelines on the Principles of the UN Framework of Guidelines.

We recommend you to participate in an active and protagonist way, together with CAFESCA in the construction of a better environment for our company. We are sure that we have your support, enthusiasm and commitment.

With kind regards,

CAFESCA Management Team

Our Ethics and Conduct Committee:

In order to comply with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, CAFESCA will have an Ethics and Conduct Committee. Said Committee will be made up of members of the company's Management.

The Ethics and Conduct Committee has among its objectives the following:

  • Promote the ethical culture within the organization, as well as periodically review and update the regulations of good practices and conduct in the company.
  • Ensure that all reports of deviations, faults incurred, or non-compliance with current regulations and standards received through any internal or external means are received and addressed.
  • Evaluate controversies, conflicts and faults related to the Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • Establish sanctions and action plans in cases related to violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct that represent a significant negative impact for the company.
  • It will have sessions periodically or when there is a particular case, the committee may count on the support and advice of other Officers or areas of the Company when required.

The existence of the Ethics and Conduct Committee reinforces CAFESCA's ethical image with its collaborators, since it denotes a sense of justice and transparency.

Living Ethically We

Dignifies as People

And as professionals.


CAFESCA has been guided by specific values that have led it to be what it is today. This document contains the fundamentals of the company.

The commitment of those of us who collaborate in CAFESCA is to give life to this document, through its application in our actions.

A culture based on these principles strengthens our operation and competencies and helps us increase the value of the company for all our clients, collaborators, investors, suppliers and communities.

We invite you to join us in living this culture.


Welcome you

Business ethics constitutes for CAFESCA the best way of conducting business; It is the transparent and honest way of acting so that the common benefit exists in all the relationships that the company establishes, both internally and strong>external.

This code is based on the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” as well as on the “Internal Work Regulations” aligned with the philosophy we have in CAFESCA, and to the policies that we have in ECOM Group.

Fundamentals of CAFESCA

Mission: develop projects of quality, attractive, innovative and sustainable , based on coffee products and that are consistent with the corporate vision, the development of human capital and the efficient use of >technology.

Vision: to be the main supplier of sustainable coffees in the world

Our Values


Fulfill what I promise.

Spend time and interest giving

always the best of me.

I demonstrate and promote Commitment when:

  • I know my rights and obligations as a CAFESCA collaborator.
  • I assume as my own the objectives of the organization and take them as a guide for resolution and performance.
  • I stay motivated and motivate my colleagues, encouraging them to experience the challenges of the organization.
  • I support and implement the decisions of my superiors with a view to the achievement of the objectives
  • Participated actively in the initiatives of the company, although they are not part of my usual work.
  • I report violations or lack of ethics to the policies and processes of the company.


Speak the truth, do the right thing, act with

ethics taking responsibility for all my

actions. Be impeccable in my person, at work

and in my activities.

I demonstrate Integrity when:

  • My actions are congruent with my thoughts and words; I lead by example.
  • I take full responsibility for my actions and decisions.
  • When I'm wrong I admit my mistakes and act immediately.
  • I am transparent and consequently I create an environment of visibility and clarity by promoting work teams guided by our values.
  • I put the interests of the company before my personal in my performance work >.


It is keeping fidelity, rectitude, honesty, honesty, between CAFESCA and collaborators, identifying in it the dedication, permanence, transparency for the development of good interpersonal relationships.

I show Loyalty when:

  • I clearly inspire trust with my work team and immediate superiors.
  • I am ethical in what I think and do in my work activities.
  • Be consistent with what I say and do.
  • I maintain respect and fidelity to my own moral principles, or to the commitments that I have established with another person, with my work team or the organization.< /li>

Continuous improvement

Develop extensive knowledge and skills in the areas of the area for which I am responsible, always seeking improvement in processes, being able to imagine, undertake and propose, demonstrating an interest in learning and improving.

I demonstrate continuous improvement when:

  • I live with the attitude to learn and seek new opportunities for growth .
  • I keep my level of consistency and firmness high by working hard to achieve my goal, in all circumstances, always with quality and effectiveness.
  • I define objectives clear and design processes adequate, practical and >operable for the benefit of all, and aligned to the policies of the organization.
  • In adverse situations, I give and ask for the necessary help that allows me to face the problem successfully.
  • I have initiative to promote improvements in processes, services or relationships of according to what the new situations require.
  • I keep myself informed about contextual changes in the environment, the market > and the competition in order to make proposals new and valuable for the company.


A group of people with different talents and abilities who come together and collaborate to achieve a common goal.

I show work in team when:

  • I share my knowledge with my co-workers.
  • I assume my responsibilities to achieve a common goal.
  • I work with leadership and shared commitment, in an environment that promotes mutual enrichment.
  • I
  • value and respect all the opinions and ideas of my co-workers.

Socially Responsible Company

In recognition of our commitment to the communities in which we work and our strong> practices of superior business, we have been recognized as a Socially Responsible Company since 2007< /strong>. This recognition has allowed us to continue developing our culture of awareness and support for all initiatives, projects and issues that will have to do with social responsibility.

The commitment of the directors is reflected clearly in their support permanent to the initiatives and projects of content social. It is important that all collaborators participate in this type of initiative.

By maintaining and improving our practices, by continuing to implement projects of benefit social and by committing to continuous improvement; we ensure not only that our distinctive as an ESR continues, but that we will be considered a company leader among companies >committed to social development.

By being part of our company you are acquiring the commitment active of being a actor main in the < strong>consolidation of social responsibility and carries out each program or initiative that improves our practices, our environment and our culture as an ESR.

As part of the commitment acquired, we present you the Decalogue of the Company Socially Responsible strong>:

The Company Socially Responsible

  1. Promotes and drives a culture of competitiveness responsible< /strong> that seeks the goals and success of the business, while contributing to the welfare of society.
  2. It makes public its values, fights internally and externally corruption practices and performs based on a code of ethics.
  3. Experience schemes of leadership participatory, solidarity, service and respect human rights and human dignity.
  4. Promotes favorable labor conditions for the quality of life, development human and professional of your entire community (collaborators, family members, suppliers, customers, etc.).
  5. Respects the environment ecological in each and every one of the processes of operation strong> and marketing, in addition to contributing to the preservation of the environment environment.
  6. Identifies the needs social of the environment in which it operates and >collaborates in its solution, promoting the development and improvement of the quality of life.
  7. Identifies and supports social causes as part of its strategy of < strong>action business.
  8. Invests time, talent and resources in the development of strong>communities in which it operates.
  9. Participates through alliances intersectoral with other companies, organizations of the < strong>society civil, chambers, groups and/or government in the discussion, proposals and attention to social issues of public interest.
  10. It takes into account and involves its staff, customers, suppliers, etc. in its investment and social development programs.

We have a Social Responsibility Committee, said Committee:

  • Communicates actively and constantly the issues of social responsibility.
  • Manages the annual plans of projects and initiatives for the company.
  • Manages the company's resources for the social responsibility programs.
  • Invite the volunteer program to participate in the initiatives.
  • Makes a social presence in events organized as ESR.

We welcome you to this culture of social responsibility and we know that as part of our company we will count on your commitment. and participation active in the construction of the path to continue being an ESR.

Our commitments

At CAFESCA, we believe that commitment is one of the values ​​that govern us as a company, we want to share with you the responsibilities we have with the different actors and interest groups that make up this institution in order to guarantee a climate of respect inside and outside of our organization.

A) With the company

At CAFESCA, it is important that you keep in mind that service is our main engine, so we expect the greatest dedication and dedication from our collaborators in everything they do.

Honesty, efficiency and quality must be the fundamental foundations of each member of CAFESCA.

Be fully aware that our customers and suppliers are committed, hard-working, responsible people who shape a better future.

We expect from our collaborators a sense of solidarity and collaboration to work together for our company.

In this sense, any irregularity that may cause damage or harm to the interests of the company or collaborators must be reported to Human Resources or the immediate Manager.

B) With our collaborators

CAFESCA recognizes the dignity of the people who work with it and respects their freedom and privacy; does not discriminate for any reason based on sex, marital status, religion, ethnic origin, different abilities, political or sexual preference or socioeconomic origin of its internal and external collaborators.

For CAFESCA, the issue of Safety and Hygiene is extremely important, in this sense, all CAFESCA operations will comply with the regulations and requirements related to this issue, complying with the standards of current normality. Violations of Industrial Safety regulations must be reported immediately to management or Human Resources, in order to create a culture of care and prevention.

At CAFESCA, we care about the integral development of our collaborators, which is why it is vital for us to provide them with appropriate professional growth opportunities through training, updates and job promotions when appropriate, thus strengthening our team of professionals. work and thus guaranteeing the recognition of the work of each member.

It is our commitment to maintain a high-performance work environment that positively contributes to achieving business objectives. In this sense, CAFESCA will continuously strive to implement practices that exceed the minimum established requirements and thereby be able to generate a high-potential culture and work environment.

CAFESCA will not employ minors in any position in the company, under any circumstances and in any of our business divisions.

Those who have staff in their charge have a moral obligation to respect, protect and promote their professional development.

At CAFESCA any act of workplace harassment is prohibited, as well as physical abuse or punishment, nor will workplace or sexual harassment be allowed, nor any type of physical or verbal abuse, nor any form of aggression or intimidation.

CAFESCA undertakes to investigate reports of violations or breaches of this code; It is worth mentioning that the person who has reported in good faith will not suffer reprisals or negative consequences as a result of their complaint or report.

It is important to point out that intentionally false reports or allegations will result in disciplinary action.

If the person who reported the situation feels that they have suffered retaliation, they should contact their supervisor, Human Resources or report to our Confidence Extension.

Human Resources will promptly investigate any reported violations of this code and will take appropriate action depending on the results of the investigation and the seriousness of the violation. Such solutions may include, but are not limited to; verbal warning, formal disciplinary action, administrative action and even dismissal.

C) With our clients

For CAFESCA it is important to be aware that the reason for our existence is our clients and that we owe it to them, therefore, seriousness, formality, transparency and truthfulness on our part towards them is fundamental, both for our clients internal and external.

Collaborators whose function is customer service must offer them fair and honest treatment in each operation, providing products and services with the highest quality and timeliness within their reach.

We must assume full responsibility before our client to solve mishaps or difficulties that derive from the nature of our operations in the products and services that we offer them, in order to cooperate with their operational and productivity needs.

Announce in a timely manner to our clients about modifications, new services or new technologies available that allow us to improve our attention to them.

Maintain confidentiality in the information of our clients to third parties, requesting the authorization of our clients, specifying who is the third party that requests references from them and what type of information is required.

Invite our customers whenever possible to the collection centers, processes, logistics operations or central offices so that they maintain a very clear idea of ​​our facilities, equipment, infrastructure, collaborators and performance in the production of products and services we offer.

D) With suppliers

The acquisition of products or services by CAFESCA must be carried out in a clear, transparent, honest and equitable manner, based on the quality, profitability and services that the supplier offers.

If the supplier needs advice, knowledge, technical update or any other for its own improvement, as well as to improve the services and products sold, CAFESCA is committed to supporting that need in whatever is within its reach to thus promote the growth and joint development of the supplier.

The collaborators in CAFESCA will refrain from discussing with any supplier or with people outside the company, confidential information of our suppliers or clients.

CAFESCA is committed to agreeing and stipulating in advance with the suppliers the quality conditions of the products to be acquired, as well as terms of delivery in form and time, respecting and listening to the compliance capacities of each one of them before carrying out a written contract, with the idea of ​​projecting security to the supplier regarding the contracted product and at the same time transmitting the commitment, as well as the seriousness and formality of the treatment to be carried out in CAFESCA.

Compliance with the commitments acquired with suppliers, being a fundamental point the fulfillment of the payments originated by the operations in the agreed terms and forms.

If any supplier of both product and service enjoys good quality in its product and also offers an attractive offer, but does not demonstrate ethics in its operations with CAFESCA, it is a compelling reason to cancel its participation with the company, in addition The CAFESCA collaborator who detects the lack of ethics of the supplier must report said lack to his immediate superior in a very detailed manner, in order to inform the directors why they should not work with a certain supplier.

E) With government authorities

The staff of CAFESCA must collaborate at all times with the competent authorities for the full exercise of their powers.

CAFESCA collaborators who are responsible for direct dealings with authorities must at all times offer a relationship based on respect and kindness, recognizing at all times their quality of authority, always ensuring an atmosphere of openness and trust that facilitates and enriches the treatment of issues and the establishment of agreements.

CAFESCA is committed to providing information true, updated and transparent to the authorities that require it, and its manipulation is strictly prohibited.

It is necessary to cooperate with the different regulatory and supervisory authorities of the different sectors for the application of new provisions or modifications that those already established may have.

Never incur in acts dishonest and corruption with officials to hide or modify information or to gain advantage in business projects.

F) With our competition

We are sure that the fact that there are competitors in our field gives us the opportunity to improve and innovate and this is always reflected in benefits for all of us who are part of CAFESCA; which is why we must respect, encourage and coexist in the healthiest way with our competitors.

Promote or interact in holding events in which our competitors direct participate. strong> as a healthy form of feedback as well as promoting a relationship of trust based on competence. loyal.

CAFESCA will not carry out unfair actions that could tarnish or mistreat the reputation and integrity of its competitors in any possible way.

G) With property owners.

CAFESCA recognizes that every person has the right to property individually and collectively, therefore, no one will be arbitrarily deprived of their property. At CAFESCA we are committed to verifying that any acquisition of land carried out by the business will be of legal origin and legally constituted, taking care at all times not to violate the right of property or the rights enshrined in the laws that govern this right.

Our Operations and Activities

CAFESCA has policies and procedures that our collaborators have as a support clear to be able to carry out their work of complete and correct manner.

The policies that CAFESCA has today are found in the AMSA NET strong> Mexico, our intranet portal; We invite you to consult them and apply them.

Contact the Human Resources staff in your locality to access the AMSA > NET Mexico.

Information Management and Technological Tools

CAFESCA provides access to communication systems (email, of messages, fax, computers) to some of its collaborators, in this sense it will be necessary to comply with the policy established by the company . Please remember that:

  • The equipment and programs available to employees are property of the company for the purpose exclusive of conducting business.
  • All message, information, memorandum, correspondence, mail electronic or file created, received, sent or stored on a computer or tool provided by the company is owned by COFFEE.
  • CAFESCA reserves the right to access, review, >monitor, print, disclose or store any information stored , received or transmitted through means of communication provided by CAFESCA in any moment, with or without the consent of the collaborator; this under an environment of professional ethics supervised by the legal area of ​​the company.
  • CAFESCA makes every possible effort to protect the communications and documents electronic . The collaborators are responsible for protecting the information, avoiding strong> the access to the information of non authorized third parties.

It is essential to protect the confidentiality of information when using email to transmit information from our customers or suppliers. You must identify the information as CONFIDENTIAL and ensure that you send information only to those who need it for purposes. of business. Avoid leaving confidential information visible on your screen or workplace when you are away from your work area.

Information highly confidential should not be sent through the internet or via fax without first agreeing with the recipient the parameters for a secure and confidential transmission. Collaborators are not authorized to open or read emails that are not addressed to them. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the management of system and/or Resources > Humans.

Collaborators must keep their access codes or passwords (for computer, voicemail, email or any other system provided by the company) secure in a place where others do not have access to them and reinforce the responsibility we have as collaborators so that at all times we have control of the information, through an adequate filing and safeguarding of the information physical and electronics.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to protect the information, backups periodically and must be made. strong>systematic of the information that is not in the network.

During electronic communications, it is important to:

  • Handle them with courtesy and professionalism.

Our internal and external communications must be courteous and professional. Avoid including comments that could embarrass our company, customers or suppliers.

  • The use of abusive, obscene language, obscene, or inappropriate in communications related to CAFESCA.
  • Use limited for personal purposes. Equipment and programs owned by CAFESCA are for the exclusive purposes of >business. The exclusive purpose of these tools is to encourage and improve business communications with other organizations (customers, suppliers, others).
  • No expectation of privacy personal. Access passwords and usernames are created to protect the electronic documentation of property of CAFESCA of access to third parties, not to guarantee the privacy of CAFESCA employees. Employees who use equipment or programs provided by CAFESCA do should not have the strong>expectation of absolute confidentiality. CAFESCA reserves the right to monitor accounts of email email or any other type of communication or document Collaborators must assume that every document created, received, sent, opened or saved could be read by anyone other than the recipient including supervisory staff. This under an environment of professional ethics supervised by the legal area of ​​the company.
  • Under no circumstances is it acceptable to access inappropriate material that is sexual, obscene, violent or disrespectful. The equipment will not be used to play games or access non-work related materials. They will not be used to obtain, receive or send information infringing the rights of copyright or property of third parties.

Conflict of interest

A conflict of interests exists when a collaborator is in a position, in what, as a result of your responsibilities or your employment with the company, may benefit yourself or may benefit financially a member of his family to the detriment of CAFESCA. If the collaborator finds himself (or thinks he finds himself) in a situation of conflict of interests, it will be necessary to report before the Head Immediate; as well as Human Resources, to assess the risk. Please remember that even an apparent conflict of interest can damage the reputation of CAFESCA.

The following may be examples of a conflict of interests:

  • If a collaborator has investments or is part of the leadership of suppliers, brokers strong>, customers and competitors of the company.
  • If the employee accepts or authorizes a member of his immediate family to receive gifts or favors from a potential customer, supplier or competitor of the company or any government representative.
  • That a collaborator gives information confidential that he has obtained as a result of his employment with the Group, with in order to profit financially or allow others to profit financially.
  • A collaborator who competes with the company in the acquisition or control of rights strong> of property.
  • Accept offers from customers, suppliers, or other organizations to provide services or products similar to those of CAFESCA.

Conflict of interest, potentially real or perceived, that involves an collaborator or their immediate family, must report in writing to the Immediate Boss who will contact Human Resources to determine if there is a conflict of >interests real and recommend measures to neutralize the negative effect of this.

External interests

It is the obligation of each collaborator to report to their Boss Immediately any participation significant in business outside >CAFESCA that could result in conflicts of interests. It is also an obligation to communicate any change related to this type of situation. In certain circumstances, it will be necessary to request authorization from the Group (through the Legal department), before accepting obligations strong> majors outside CAFESCA, which could result in conflicts of interests or that interfere with the responsibilities with the Group, or that will even limit the time available for the fulfillment of their responsibilities work strong>.

Given the possibility of conflicts of interests when trading "Futures", the Managers< /strong> are not authorized to trade "Futures" in a personal capacity without authorization written from the organization.

Declaration prohibiting illegal discrimination and harassment at CAFESCA

Our company is committed to comply with federal, state laws > and locals that provide equal opportunities for employment, as well as with the laws related to the terms and conditions of employment.

We want to maintain a work environment free from harassment and discrimination to because of sex, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, physical and mental disability, marital status, age, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local law. For this reason, CAFESCA is prohibited any act of harassment as well as physical abuse or punishment, nor will harassment or any type of abuse be it sexual, physical or verbal, nor any form of aggression or intimidation.

In CAFESCA, discrimination against people who have had COVID-19 or lived with a suspected or confirmed family member is not allowed.

We value diversity and look forward to employing men and women of all racial and ethnic groups, of legal age and representing a broad spectrum of religions and backgrounds. The company will make every reasonable effort to address those physical or mental limitations of a otherwise qualified employee, unless it would result in improper hardship for the company.

We are responsible for abiding by this statement and commitment to equal opportunity for employment. Equal opportunity employment laws give each of us the chance to success strong> or not based on personal merit.

Any employee who feels they have been subjected to any form of discrimination or harassment must notify immediately Human Resources, your supervisor, personnel administrator or another Manager in the company.

CAFESCA will promptly investigate any report of violations of this code and will take appropriate action depending on the results of the investigation and the seriousness of the offense. Such sanctions may include, but are not limited to; verbal warning, formal disciplinary action, administrative action and even the dismissal.

Statement against Bribery and Corruption

A bribe is the offer, promise, to give, demand or accept an advantage induced by an action >, which is illegal, un ethical or a breach of responsibility of act in good faith, impartially, or in accordance with the position of trust. Corruption is the abuse of power for benefit own< /strong> (often secretly).

The acts of bribery or corruption are designed to influence an individual with power< /strong> or discretion in the performance of your responsibilities and induce you to act dishonestly or breach< /strong> with their duties.

Bribes can take many different forms and can be made directly or through an intermediary. A bribe can be:

  • The promise directly or indirectly, to offer or authorize, anything of value.
  • The offering or receiving of any gift, loan, fee, strong>prize or other advantage.
  • The facilitating aid, donations or votes designated to exercise a < strong>influence undue.

At CAFESCA we conduct business honestly and without the use of practices corrupt< /strong> or acts of bribery to obtain an unfair advantage. CAFESCA staff must not offer, promise, pay, give or accept any bribe, either directly or indirectly.

This item applies to our negotiations with entities of the private sector, as well as entities of the sector public. Failure to comply with this item will result in verbal attention, formal disciplinary action, administrative action and even dismissal.

If you have any concern regarding a case suspicious of bribery or any other suspicious activity you should:< /p>

  • Report the matter immediately to your Manager, the supervisor of your Manager and/or the Human Resources team or report it to our Extension of Trust.

Gifts and Entertainment at CAFESCA

CAFESCA seeks to establish the guidelines necessary for the control and administration of the gifts or entertainments that are provided or received by CAFESCA staff.

Reasonable expenses for entertainment purposes in the course of business are acceptable; based on frequency, nature, and cost. Examples of this type of expense include, for example: lunch, dinner, occasional sporting or cultural events.

The use of group funds or assets for illegal or inappropriate activities > is forbidden.

No collaborator of CAFESCA may:

  • Request gifts or entertainment from suppliers, clients or other organizations related to CAFESCA.
  • Giving or accepting any gift or entertainment of no origin, unless unless it is related to the business, has a cost reasonable, is appropriate in As for time and place, it should not be so frequent as to create doubt of irregularities.
  • Giving or accepting any gift or entertainment that may be inconvenient, or damage< /strong> the reputation of CAFESCA if it becomes public.
  • Giving or accepting any gift or entertainment that could be perceived to influence the recipient< /strong> in the adjudication of the business or as an advantage in the conduct of the business.
  • Cash gifts are strictly prohibited.

Any infraction to this point of Gifts and Entertainment will be considered as possible cause of verbal warning, formal disciplinary action, lifting of administrative record and even dismissal. In case of doubt, collaborators can address their questions to the Human Resources team and/or report to the Extension > of Trust.

Child Labor is Prohibited

In CAFESCA expresses its commitment and respect for international standards for the protection of Human Rights, for which it rejects totally the labor child, and will not resort to child labor or incorporate any product or service from it into its business activity, ensuring compliance with the provisions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in relation to the work of minors. It will require all its employees and suppliers to strictly observe this principle.

Free choice of work (Forced Labor)

At CAFESCA, all types of forced, compulsory, or coerced labor are rejected and it is committed to respecting freedom of association and collective bargaining. In this sense no forced labor is not allowed, no one will work or provide a subordinate personal service under the threat of any penalty, or to work against their will. Likewise, workers are not required to deliver "deposits" or leave original identity documents to the company.

Freedom of association will be respected, as well as the right to collective bargaining

All workers without distinction have the right to join and form part of the union of their choice or not and to bargain collectively.

CAFESCA will adopt an open attitude towards the organizational and other activities of unions.

Worker representatives will not be discriminated against and will have the opportunity to carry out their functions as representatives in the workplace.

Where the law restricts freedom of association or collective bargaining, CAFESCA will facilitate, and not hinder, the development of parallel means for independent and free association and bargaining.

Working conditions will be safe and hygienic

At CAFESCA it is essential to have a safe, stable and hygienic work environment, taking into account the existing knowledge of the industry and of any specific risk.

In CAFESCA the appropriate measures must be taken to prevent accidents and illnesses that occur as a consequence, in relation to or during work by minimizing, as far as reasonably possible, the reasons for inherent risk to the middle of work.

The workers of CAFESCA must receive regular training in safety and hygiene, this training must be recorded and repeated for new workers or those who are assigned new tasks.

Access to clean restrooms and drinking water should be provided, as well as an adequate and hygienic place to eat.

CAFESCA is committed to promoting in the workplace, a place free of violence, harassment, intimidation and other unsafe or alarming conditions derived from internal and external threats. We provide safety protection to employees as needed , which is maintained respecting your privacy and human dignity.

Likewise, it undertakes to permanently update and improve occupational risk prevention measures, as well as to scrupulously respect the applicable regulations on this matter in all places where you carry out your business activities. Likewise, it promotes the application of the aforementioned regulations by the collaborating companies, subcontractors and suppliers with which it operates.

Salaries and Benefits

At CAFESCA we are committed to ensuring that the Salaries and Benefits paid for a normal week of work will cover, at a minimum, those established by national legal standards; as well as to guarantee absolute compliance with the laws related to wages, working hours, overtime and legal benefits.

The salary must be sufficient to cover the basic needs of our collaborators, in the terms established by law.

All CAFESCA employees will receive written and understandable information on working conditions regarding wages before starting their contract and each time they are paid on the particulars of their salary for the period covered .

In relation to the day or schedule of work, CAFESCA undertakes to comply with the guidelines established by national legislation and regulations. In any case, workers will not regularly work more than 48 hours per week for the day shift, 42 hours for the night shift and 45 hours for the mixed shift, and they will have at least one day off for every six days of work. Overtime or extraordinary hours will be voluntary and will not exceed 12 hours per week will not be required and will be compensated with their corresponding premium.

At CAFESCA we will seek permanence and stability in employment under employment contracts that are legally governed under the established parameters and guidelines by laws and labour regulations as well as social security derived from relationships labor. CAFESCA will not avoid, through the use of temporary contracts, subcontracts or contracts to work at home, the labor obligations towards its employees, nor through internship programs in which there is no intention of providing skills to the worker or to provide a stable or permanent job, nor will these obligations be avoided through the excessive use of fixed-term contracts, except in the cases provided for by current labor legislation.

Confidentiality at CAFESCA

In the process of fulfilling our responsibilities work we may come into contact with information Confidentiality of CAFESCA or the ECOM group, our customers, suppliers or other organizations. This information may be electronic, written, verbal or through other mechanisms and may include:

  • Detailed information of our clients.
  • Contractual information.
  • Plans and strategies of business.
  • Positions and strategies commercial.
  • States financial.
  • Information on remuneration.
  • Information about equipment (hardware) or electronic programs (software) owned by strong> or license of the Group.

It is the responsibility of all collaborators to protect the information confidential and not disclose it (in whole or in part) internally or externally without the consent writing of CAFESCA or the Group. Any request for information from the press must be approved by the senior management of CAFESCA< /strong>.

In the same way, if the information, name or data of the company is intended to use to carry out work of research and/or thesis to obtain academic degrees, you must check with the Legal and Human Resources area of ​​the company and obtain the authorization of both.

If you have doubts about the information confidential of the company, you can go< /strong> with the Legal area to advise you on the correct handling of this .

Environmental Policy

CAFESCA recognizes the Human Right to a healthy environment and therefore commits to respect the environment by complying with the applicable laws in the countries where we carry out our activities. operations, we are committed to protecting the environment, minimizing the impacts of our production and operating processes. We are committed to operating under the highest environmental parameters, since these benefit our strong> business and the communities in which we operate. The minimum standard is compliance with environmental regulations and practices local. It is the expectation of CAFESCA that our regulations will meet or exceed local regulations or expectations.

The efficient use of natural resources is the cornerstone of our policy strong> environmental. The operational efficiency and training are constantly monitored.

CAFESCA supports the producers with whom we do business so that they manage their plantations in a viable way and sustainable for the benefit of present and future generations. Without the social and economic well-being of the producers and suppliers, our >Model of business would not be sustainable.

Preventing Money Laundering

Money laundering is understood as any transaction or series of transactions carried out to hide the real origin of funds of illicit origin or to make them look like they have been obtained from legitimate activities. This may include hiding the origins of criminal assets, be it money or other property, within legitimate business activities.

CAFESCA will comply with the legal provisions issued to prevent and avoid money laundering from criminal or illicit activities.

CAFESCA is committed to never facilitating or supporting money laundering.

We are committed to:

  • Always comply with applicable Laws and regulations relating to money laundering;
  • Minimize the Risk of and avoid getting involved in arrangements or operations that may be or are related to assets or funds of criminal origin; and take appropriate action to
  • assess our business relationships to ensure their integrity.

Some red flags related to Money Laundering may include payments:

  • Made or requested in currencies other than those specified in the contract or corresponding invoices;
  • Made to or from countries with which there is no commercial relationship;
  • Cash made for significant amounts of money; and
  • That involve third parties or intermediaries who have an apparent or clear role in the transaction.

In case you have any concern about payments or transactions that could be subject to the red flags mentioned above, you should report such concern in our “Extension of Confidence”.< /strong> If during the conduct of business with any counterparty, said counterparty refuses to provide information about your identity or details of the transaction, or if you suspect any involvement in money laundering activities, you must immediately report and send such concerns via “Extension of Trust” and likewise to the Human Resources Department.

In this sense, business relationships will not be established with persons or entities that do not comply with the aforementioned regulations or that do not provide adequate information in relation to compliance with the same.

At CAFESCA we invite you not to do business with any person known to have been involved in or suspected of crimes related to business transactions; if a third party asks you to discuss money laundering concerns, we ask that you first consult with the Department of Human Resources; never hide money that has or may have a criminal origin; and never be part of arrangements involving assets of criminal origin.

Communication Channels

Enforcing compliance with the code of ethics of CAFESCA is responsibility and < strong>commitment of each and every one of us who are part of this great company. This code will be the one that governs our conduct with our collaborators, as well as with the customers, suppliers, communities and competitors with whom we have a relationship.

In order to do it comply different communication channels have been placed at your disposal . In case of doubt regarding situations that could violate the principles of this code, it is recommended:

  • Report the fault to your superior immediately.
  • Report the offense to your supervisor's supervisor.
  • Report to the responsible of Human Resources in your area, either in person or via email .
  • Report through our Extension of trust.

Our Extension of Trust is the means of communication safe, reliable and confidential strong> to report any situation, case or behavior that could be considered outside the limits permitted by >COFFEE.

You can call or write:

All reports received denouncing breaches of the code of ethics will be investigated immediately, in order to determine what happened and implement corrective actions if necessary.

We invite you to use our extension of trust, Your information and assistance will make CAFESCA a better company.


I hereby state that I have received a copy of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Specialty Coffees of Chiapas S.A.P.I. de C.V., as well as the explanation regarding its application and scope.

I have understood and commit to abide by this Code of Ethics and Conduct in the different activities inherent to my functions within CAFESCA. I promise to participate in its dissemination among my collaborators and co-workers, as well as to consult it at any time that doubts arise regarding its application in specific situations.

In the event of suspicion or knowledge of any breach of this code of ethics I will notify personally through any communication channel and I will be available to you at any time to expand or clarify the notice; I understand that failure to do so could be interpreted as complicity to the offense referred to in principle.

I declare that under no circumstances I will retaliate against anyone who reports a violation on my part compliance with the principles contained in this Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Place and date Contributor Name
Signature Contributor Position


I hereby state that I have received a copy of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Specialty Coffees of Chiapas S.A.P.I. de C.V., as well as an explanation regarding its application and scope.

I have understood and commit to abide by this Code of Ethics and Conduct in the different activities inherent to my functions within CAFESCA. I promise to participate in its dissemination among my collaborators and co-workers, as well as to consult it at any time that doubts arise regarding its application in specific situations.

In the event of suspicion or knowledge of any breach of this code of ethics I will notify personally through any communication channel and I will be available to you at any time to expand or clarify the notice; I understand that failure to do so could be interpreted as complicity to the offense referred to in principle.

I declare that under no circumstances I will retaliate against anyone who reports a violation on my part compliance with the principles contained in this Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Place and date Contributor Name
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